The Collector by K.R. Alexander

March 6th, 2019 by

the-collector-kr-alexanderSubmitted by Meara, Age 10 from Missouri

Rating: ★★★★★

The collector is about 3 girls. Vanessa, Josie, and Anna. Josie and Anna just moved to their grandmas house with their mom. Their grandma has some really strange rules. 1. No dolls in the house, 2. Keep the windows closed at night. 3. Never EVER go to the house in the woods. Josie is a little weirded out, but when she makes a friend named Vanessa at her new school, she forgets all about it. But then when she has some dreams about running into the woods, running away from some kind of weird creature, she gets a little more scared. But when Vanessa invites them over, she feels MUCH better. Then she finds out that Vanessa’s house is the one in the woods, the one one that’s been calling to her from the start. What will happen!?!? Read The Collector to find out!

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