Meet Karen

Karen has short hair now, but the nurse shark hasn't been able to fit her into its schedule for a re-shoot.

(As Described by Nancy)

This bio took me months to write. Literally. I’ll let you in on a little secret: within this two-halves Kidsmomo team, I am DEFINITELY not the “words” person. Karen is the “words” person. I just read words! She’s the one who’s good at writing them! Case in point: she has probably definitely edited this to make it sound semi-intelligent.

But luckily for us at Kidsmomo (since we are a website dedicated to, uh, books), Karen’s got this “words” thing down pat. She has two great passions in life: kids’ books and food. She also loves Zac Efron, but even he can’t compare to kids’ books and food. And we all know Zac is mighty cute…

P.S. – Fun fact: the first thing I thought when I met Karen was, “Wow, she’s tall.” But in reality, she’s not really that tall. I’m just short.

Meet Nancy, the other (less wordy) half of Kidsmomo.

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