Meet Nancy

You’ll be amazed how much Nancy talks about  Monkey.

(As Described by Karen)

What would you do if a robot suddenly appeared before you and offered to let you live within the magical world of the Internet 24/7? You’d have to give up daily contact with humans, but you could still communicate with friends and family through IM, text, and email. Plus, you’d have lots of new robot buddies to hang with. Would you say yes?

If so, then you and Nancy have the same dream! If only the magical Internet world also had a fresh fruit buffet and piped in Top 40 hits over loudspeakers, I’m pretty sure we’d never see Nancy again… And that would be a shame, because she’s a lot of fun at karaoke. AND she’s one of my best friends. But mostly the karaoke thing.

Meet Karen, who’s also a blast (and much more pleasant sounding) at karaoke.

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