The Ethan I Was Before by Ali Standish: Book Review

July 9th, 2017 by

the-ethan-i-was-beforeSummer equals road trips, picnics, swimming, and relaxing with a popsicle in the shade of a tree. No worries, no cares. And the book equivalent to all of that is obviously beach reads โ€” lighthearted stories or action-oriented page turners. Fun books. Nothing too serious.

So why am I recommending The Ethan I Was Before by Ali Standish, a book about a boy dealing with the aftermath of a tragic accident? Because despite the premise, the story is far from being all doom and gloom. In fact, once I started, I couldn’t put it down!

The book focuses on Ethan, and how he’s dealing with an accident involving his best friend. He and his family have just moved to a new town in order to get a fresh start, and at first Ethan is totally uninterested in meeting new people and getting settled in there.

But then Ethan meets Coralee, who’s funny, feisty, and tells great stories. They become fast friends, and soon the two of them are exploring town and navigating school cliques together โ€” and in the process, they stumble upon a mystery. As they dig deeper and maybe even put themselves in danger, Ethan also starts to unravel some of the murkier details of Coralee’s life. And as Ethan and Coralee become more and more entangled in their adventure, Ethan starts to wonder who he can really trust… [Imagine dramatic music here!]

So, given that plot, you can see why I couldn’t put the book down! There are definitely lots of serious parts, and Ethan is dealing with real pain and guilt. But the book was never hard to read because of that. That’s why even though it’s not a typical beach read, I recommend it for summer (or anytime!) reading.

And what are YOU reading this summer? Leave a comment with your recommendations!

โ€” Karen

Karen is currently reading two books: The Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson and Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson. Normally she wouldn’t read multiple books at the same time, but one’s a graphic novel, so that makes the multitasking/multireading possible!

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