Less Interesting Books

June 2nd, 2011 by

Recently, lots of folks on the Interwebs have been dreaming up hilarious alternative titles for favorite books — turning them from beloved reads into “less interesting books.”

Here are some of the LOL-worthy twisted titles they came up with:

  • The Penderwicks at the Grocery Store
  • Harry Potter and the Order of Takeout
  • To Startle a Mockingbird
  • Are You There Todd? It’s Me, Margaret
  • A Series of Mediocre Events
  • The Iron, the Itch, and the Ear Lobe
  • Breaking Wind in the Willows
  • Horton Didn’t Hear Much of Anything
  • There’s Waldo
  • The Lord of the Ringtones

Of course, Nancy and Karen had to get in on the action too! So here are some of our less interesting book inventions:

  • Charlie and the Chalk Factory
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Water
  • Esperanza Sleeping
  • The After-school Detention of Hugo Cabret
  • The Salt Shaker
  • Where the Sidewalk Doesn’t End or Begin But Just Keeps Going
  • One Dull Summer
  • Danny the Third-Runner-Up of the World
  • Catching Up Slowly to Vermeer

And now it’s YOUR TURN! What less interesting book titles can you come up with? Leave a comment with your ideas!

PS – Someone also came up with The Velveeta Rabbit, which we absolutely love. Don’t know about you, but we actually think that would be a VERY interesting book! A bunny made out of processed cheese?! Come on! That’s a book that demands to be read!

— Karen and Nancy