Newbery Award Books: The Mathematical Truth Hits Nancy Hard

August 27th, 2009 by

I'm not sure why it's speaking like a valley girl.

Not sure it's speaking valley girl lingo...

My mom doesn’t read or speak a lot of English, so when I was young, she would sometimes pick random books for me to read based only on seeing a little blue ribbon sticker on the spine.

Well, I thought this system worked pretty well, because I thought I was reading a lot of award-winning books. BUT I was recently doing some research on the Newbery Awards — and according to the math…

Number of Newbery…
I’ve Read:
Winner Books: 88 15
Honor Books: 287 12
Total: 375 27, a paltry 7.2%

Well, I’m not too pleased with this grade. This is really not acceptable. (To me. Who else is judging? You? You? YOU? Why, I oughta…) To make myself feel even worse, I drew a little graph:

yum . . .  pie.

yum . . . pie.

So, those were 27 really good books, but now I’m obsessed. I’m going to try to read all 88 Newbery Winner Books — and I invite you, Kidsmomo Kids, to do the same! Sound daunting? Let’s pick up the first one together — I’ll be starting with The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (2009 Winner).

— Nancy