Bobby the Brave = the Best!

October 21st, 2010 by

A while back, I recommended Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) by Lisa Yee in our “What’s in a Name?” podcast. In that book, Bobby hugs a stinky sticky tree, teaches tricks to his pet goldfish, and somehow manages to anger every single girl in his class. It’s a little book, but that’s okay because Bobby’s got a lot of heart.

And now Bobby’s back! In Bobby the Brave (Sometimes), our hero has new pets, a new P.E. teacher — and a whole new set of problems! This time, the story’s more about Bobby’s life at home, in particular his relationship with his dad, which isn’t always perfect. You see, Bobby’s dad was a famous professional football player before he was injured and forced to retire. But now it looks like Bobby’s older sister, Annie, has inherited their father’s athletic skills on the gridiron. Bobby, on the other hand, has never been a whiz at football — so where does that leave him when it’s time for the family to toss around the ball in the yard?

Even though I’m not a big sports fan myself, I totally enjoyed Bobby the Brave (Sometimes) — even more than the first Bobby book! On top of the football stuff, there’s also fun with Halloween costumes, class picture day, and a school production of Annie. Plus, I really related to Bobby, even though I’m obviously perfect and never had any problems impressing my parents when I was a kid (hardy har har — no, really).

— Karen

When she was a bookworm kid, Karen’s parents enrolled her in a sports camp to “broaden her horizons” or some nonsense like that. Needless to say, she HATED it. So much, in fact, that she’s already told this story in at least one Kidsmomo podcast!

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