Bookstores and Libraries Around the World

September 5th, 2011 by

The entryway to a bookstore in Lyon, France.

There’s a new book in your hands. Maybe it’s the latest Rick Riordan, or something by Wendy Mass. You open it and the spine makes a little *crack* sound (that it’ll never make ever again). And you take a deep breath โ€” ahhhhhh, yes. That’s the stuff. New Book Smell.

The best place to smell new books? Libraries and bookstores, of course. Unfortunately, my personal library is a bit limited because I live in a tiny New York City apartment, so I liked to drool over pictures of beautiful libraries and bookstores across the world:

Click on each photo to find out more!

I don’t think I could choose a favorite out of these. How about you? Leave a comment with which of these are your favorites โ€” or how you would design your dream bookstore or library!

โ€” Nancy

Nancy doesn’t know if she could actually be a bookstore owner, to be honest. She loves to hoard books and doesn’t know if she could give them up.

Meet Nancy ยป

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