Visit a New Chocolate Factory in “The Candymakers”

February 12th, 2011 by

Of course you’re familiar with Willy Wonka’s factory, as made famous in Roald Dahl’s masterpiece, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (And if you’re NOT familiar with it, I think you’d better turn off the computer and get a copy of the book right away. I mean it. This instant!)

With all the incredible candy inventions (square candies that look round! lickable wallpaper! fizzy lifting drink!), it’s hard to imagine anyone could ever write another book about a candy factory that would be even half as delectable. But I’m here to tell you that Wendy Mass has done it — and the result is very sweet indeed.

The Candymakers takes place at the Life Is Sweet factory,which is hosting four contestants in a contest for aspiring candymakers. The winner’s creation will be mass-produced and sold to the public, so you’d think that the stakes would be pretty high… but you’d have no idea. Because there’s more to each of the contestants than first meets the eye, and I guarantee that you’ll be amazed and entertained as each of their stories unfolds. (Unless you get impatient and skip ahead and ruin the story for yourself — but then you’ll have no one to blame but yourself, now will you?)

Of course, it’s not just the characters and the jigsaw puzzle of a plot that makes The Candymakers so enjoyable — it’s also the fantastic world of the factory! You won’t find any Oompa Loompas working the machines, but Life Is Sweet is full of its own surprises, like a Tropical Room where they grow their own cinnamon trees, and a Some More S’Mores Room that you’d probably never drag me out of if I got to visit. Plus, there’s chocolate pizza for lunch every Thursday!(!!!!!!!)

Sure, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a classic and will always hold a special place in our hearts, but give The Candymakers a try and I think you’ll develop quite a taste for it!

— Karen

Recently, Karen’s grown fond of marshmallow fluff. She never used to like it much, so this can only mean one thing: she eats so much dessert, her sweet tooth demands almost pure sugar!

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