Books — They’re Everywhere! Part 2

September 8th, 2011 by

Last week, I posted some of my pics of random things that remind me of kids’ books. I’m sure you enjoyed my photos sooooooooooo much, so now it’s time for Part 2!

I noticed this little rascal in Central Park!


This spot was empty when I took my picture, but I totally imagined this character and her friends running around.


At first, this may look like Harry Potter's Golden Snitch... but actually, it's hiding a fire-breathing creature inside!

I totally snatched up that necklace, btw. And now I wear it all the time and sneak peeks at my pal inside, which makes me feel like I have a fun secret when I’m at the office.

Do you ever see things that remind you of books? Leave a comment!

— Karen

Karen has tentatively named her mini monster friend Philip, but she also thinks he kind of looks like an Oswald. What do you think?

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Books — They’re Everywhere!

September 3rd, 2011 by

As you may recall from our podcasts, I am obsessed with food. And maybe it’s because birds of a feather flock together, but many of my friends love food as well. So when we dine together, there’s always a waiting period between the arrival of our orders at the table and when we’re allowed to actually commence eating — so that everyone can take photos of the food. Seriously, I have a whole Facebook album that I call “Food Paparazzi.”

But I also take photos related to my other big obsession in life: children’s books! Every time I see something that reminds me of a kids’ book, I snap a shot — and like any overzealous fanatic, it seems like I see kidlit-related moments in the darndest places!

When I spotted this bucket at an outdoor market, I started yelping, "Kate Weatherall! Her bucket! Mysterious Benedict!" My friends were completely confused.


As soon as I saw my co-worker's necklace, I thought of this book cover. The resemblance isn't perfect, but you see it, right?


Fine, maybe that was a bit of a stretch. But you gotta give me this match!

Do you ever see things that remind you of books? Leave a comment and let me know! And check back next week for more of my kidlit pics!

— Karen

Karen is looking forward to the day she sees food that reminds her of a children’s book. You can bet she’ll be posting that mama of a ‘momo as soon as she’s taken the picture!

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