The Funnies Aren’t Just For Sundays Anymore

February 20th, 2014 by

Graphic novels are ALL THE RAGE right now!

I don’t know why I shouted ALL THE RAGE. But they are ALL THE RAGE! Here are a few — okay, a lot — of graphic novels and comic books that you should check out!

(Click a thumbnail to see the full book cover.)

The Popular Kids

You’ve probably read one, two, or all of these series. You probably see them everywhere, so it’s a good thing that these series are great!

The Indie Favorites

You might have heard of these, or maybe not. Maybe some of your classmates have read them and are super smug about how great they are. Don’t let those hipsters win; pick up one of these books today!

The Adaptations

The best stories are always retold! They had amazing past lives, and now these books have been reincarnated with illustrations and speech bubbles. One day they’ll have an identity crisis and there might be a graphic novel vs. original novel showdown, but for now… you decide which edition is better!


You might not have grown up with these, but certainly did (because I’m way older than you). But that shouldn’t stop you from reading these classics — some of the authors are still writing and illustrating, and the others are still just as hilarious as they were in 12 B.C.

Just kidding. I’m not that old.

So… How’d I do on this super duper whooper long list — did I miss anything? Leave a comment below if you think a comic book or graphic novel is missing from this list!

— Nancy

icon_nancyNancy’s favorite book/series from this blog post is Foxtrot. Wait, no. Robot Dreams. Hm, scratch that — Dear Dumb Diary. Origami Yoda? Oh, Calvin and Hobbes, for sure… but Jedi Academy is so good… AHHHH DON’T MAKE HER CHOOSE! SHE LOVES THEM ALLLLLLLL!




Kidsmomo Podcast #21: “Pretty as a Picture”

March 16th, 2010 by

You guys are really in for a treat with our latest podcast, all about graphic novels and hybrid books! Why? We’ll tell you why…

Cartoonist Mike Dawson

Ha ha! Look what we found through Google Image Search!

Yes, the topic is awesome — ranging from a groundbreaking epic adventure series to adorable wordless tales. And yes, we do have a special guest: real-life cartoonist Mike Dawson, who reveals the inside scoop on something called “the silhouette test.” (What is that? Yeah, we didn’t know either.) And yes, we even have a “top secret” kid-submitted book review.

But the REAL reason why you’ll love this podcast is because Karen had to call out sick! So enjoy your little break from Karen, everyone! [Editor’s Note from Karen: What the wha?! Why I oughtta…]

    Download the MP3 (6.1 MB)

  • Our mystery book series, as revealed and reviewed by an actual comic artist (for reals!)
  • Our Graphic Novel picks (Robot Dreams, Owly, and Rapunzel’s Revenge)
  • A nice break from Karen [Editor’s Note from Karen: Whatever…]

And be sure to check out some of Mike’s super amazing comics!

Also, don’t forget: in celebration of Women’s History Month, our new theme is Girl Power books! So send us a review of your favorite super-girl read, tell us about a female you admire, and check out these kick-butt Girl Power books.

— Nancy and Karen and Mike!