I Dream of Dramione

September 2nd, 2009 by

Sometimes people say that my love for Harry Potter is a bit over the top.

“Why?” I ask. “Just because the first thing you see when you enter my apartment is Harry’s gigantic face on a pillow?”

Yes, I'm a grown woman with a Harry Potter decorative pillow. What of it?

“YES!” they reply.

Well, it turns out that those people are 100% right — because recently  I found HP infiltrating even my sleep!

A friend of mine is pregnant, and she’s making a list of potential baby names. The other night she posted on Facebook that she’s having trouble with girls’ names because she wants to pick a literary character, but all her favorites meet tragic ends. Of course, I immediately suggested Hermione (Granger)!

Well, apparently that’s all it took to trigger my Harry-obsessed imagination, because that night I had a crazy dream all about Hermione and her tragic love affair with… wait for it… Draco! (!!!!!)

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