Find the Funny in “Emag of Efil”

April 14th, 2011 by

Since our current theme is More Haha-Hilarious Books, it’s only fitting that I just finished a book about the Cosmic Joke. Maybe it’s a HOC! Maybe I’m an Ah! Okay, I seem to be getting ahead of myself.

In Emag of Efil by T.C. Jester, Sofee is just as confused as you probably are right now. That’s because her book has started speaking to her. Meanwhile, her best friend, Fred, discovers that in the video game he’s been playing, his avatar has a mind of its own. Together, Sofee and Fred piece together as much of the puzzle as they can, and it turns out… life is a game!

But that’s not the conclusion of the story; rather, it’s just the beginning. Soon, Sofee and Fred are heading across the globe on a quest to find the Temple of the Cosmic Joke, which they believe will hold more answers. And if they think there’s trouble on the way over, just wait until they actually get there!

At this point, you may be saying, “Well, this is all very interesting, but it sounds like an adventure story, not a haha-hilarious book.” And if you’re saying that, then frankly, I’m offended — do you really think I’d lead you astray? Yes, there’s definitely action in Emag of Efil, but it’s actually mainly a talking book. And by that I mean both that the book within a book speaks (it’s also called Emag of Efil) AND ALSO that the actual book is full of all kinds of conversation and twisted puzzle logic such as the kind I’ve just displayed, to keep you on your toes and amused. Plus, there are many, many PUNS — which you know I love!

And now back to the “HOC” and the “Ah” references at the beginning of this post. I’m afraid that telling you what an Ah is will reveal a little too much. Let’s just say, you probably want to be one of ’em. But I will tell you that HOC stands for Helpful Occurring Clue. Apparently, life is full of HOCs that we fail to realize are important messages from the universe. So was it a coincidence that the author of Emag of Efil gave me her book just in time for our Haha-Hilarious Books theme, or could it be a sign? Guess only time will tell!

— Karen

If Karen ever comes across a talking book, she hopes it has a nice, soothing voice — like Helen Mirren’s. If it sounds like Russell Brand or that Aflac duck, she will not be pleased!

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Review copy was provided by the author. Currently, Emag of Efil and its sequel (Way of the Foole) are only available online. But you’re in luck, because we’re giving away signed copies of the books to a Kidsmomo reader!

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