Faith Hope And Ivy June By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

May 6th, 2013 by

Faith-Hope-and-Ivy-June_Phyllis-Reynolds-NaylorSubmitted by jess, Age 11 from Rhode Island

Rating: ★★★★½

The book Faith Hope and Ivy June by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Is a excellent realistic fiction story. It is about 2 girls , Catherine Combs and Ivy June Mosley and they both signed up for their school’s 7th grade student exchange program. Taking turns they go to each others house for 2 weeks and see what its like to live in someone elses shoes. A connection I can make to the book is that I had a 4th grade student shadow me to see what its like to be a 5th grade student. The 2 girls in the story have to shadow each other for 2 weeks. If you like books that have problems and find a solution or like books that seem so real, then this is the book for you