First Light by Rebecca Stead

September 19th, 2010 by

first-light-rebecca-stead-book-reviewSubmitted by Jenna, Age 12 from Maine

Rating: ★★★★★

Peter and Thea are total oppisites. For one thing, Peter lives in New York City with his father, who is studying Global Warming, and his mother, whom he thinks to be from England and a normal mother. Thea lives under the the ice in Greenland, with her people, casually ice skating from place to place, learning and reciting her people’s history, but also longing to find her way to the top of the ice and see the sun for the first time in her life, as her mother once risked her life to do.

Then Peter goes to Greenland with his parents and a graduate student of his father’s, Peter is noticing things that he is unsure what to think of. When he is looking for the answers, each step and epiphany draws him nearer and nearer to Thea.

By the author of “When you Reach Me,” allow yourself to be drawn into a world where you will live under the ice and secrets will be revealed.