Wear What You Read!

November 5th, 2011 by

I learned something about myself this Halloween: If it were socially acceptable to wear a Hogwarts uniform every day, I would. I really would.


Badger pride!

At first, I wasn’t going to do anything for Halloween this year. I was all grouchy, like: “Halloween is on a Monday. That’s lame. No Halloween for me. Blarg blarg blah blah complain…

But it turns out that Halloween is my friend’s birthday, and she wanted to celebrate by going to the New York City Halloween Parade. So I dusted off my LeakyCon outfit, and then something surprising happened: I got very, very excited. There really is something magical about the world of Harry Potter, after all!

So what did I do? I wore my Hogwarts uniform ALL DAY. Yes. I proudly donned my Hufflepuff tie and house crest at the office. And luckily, I work at Scholastic (the American publishers of Harry Potter), so no one laughed and pointed. Everyone was really delighted, in fact!

Although I did have to exchange words with one co-worker who called out, “Hi, Hermione!” And I was like, “Dude, I’m a Hufflepuff. Hermione was in Gryffindor. Get it straight.” C’mon, people…

The day after Halloween, I was extremely sad to wear normal Muggle clothes again. So now I’m seriously looking for some Hufflepuff pajamas, so I can at least dress like a Hogwarts student every night.

But also, I realized that I can put together outfits that remind me of other books! For example, one day I looked down and noticed that my dress perfectly matched the cover of the book I was reading:


Perfect in purple.

That was a coincidence, but check out what I call “my Hunger Games outfit” — which was definitely deliberate on my part:


May this outfit be ever in my favor.

What’s next? I haven’t decided yet! Any ideas for me (or for yourself)? Tell me in the comments!

— Karen

Karen is a Hufflepuff through and through. She was even sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore! If you’re also on Pottermore, friend her: AccioOak58

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3 Book Character Costumes for Halloween

October 31st, 2010 by

It’s October 31st, and I don’t have a Halloween costume. Uh oh. Luckily, I have some costume ideas inspired by some books I read and/or re-read this year…

Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series:

  • Hogwarts uniform with a blue and bronze Ravenclaw scarf and tie
  • Funky colorful sneakers
  • Radish earrings (make sure they’re fresh)
  • Wacky glasses for her Spectrespecs
  • Blond wig (if your hair isn’t already blond, which mine is not)
  • A wand

Pros: I get to act like Luna!
Cons: The costume is rather elaborate for something “last-minute,” and I always get pretty bummed that I can’t actually cast any real spells.

Kate Weatherall from the Mysterious Benedict Society series:

  • Striped red and white T-shirt
  • Jeans (make sure you can easily scale rafters in them)
  • Sensible sneakers
  • Hair tied in a ponytail
  • Red bucket attached to your belt
  • Optional: 3-year-old girl riding piggy back

Pros: A pretty straightforward outfit — it’s the confident attitude that will make you a true Kate.
Cons: Kate is pretty athletic, and I get winded going up one flight of stairs.

Madeline, from the Madeline picture book series:

  • Blue dress with large white collar
  • White gloves
  • Black Mary Janes
  • White socks
  • Short auburn wig
  • A giant yellow hat with a giant blue bow on it
  • Speak with a French accent!

Pros: Did I mention I get to speak with a French accent?
Cons: It might take some maneuvering to avoid hitting people with that giant hat.

Since I have about… five hours to get this ready, I’m probably going to go with the Kate Weatherall costume. Minus the 3-year-old (they’re hard to find last minute), but definitely with the red bucket. Anyone interested in being Reynie, Sticky, or Constance?

— Nancy
Nancy would also like to dress up as Max from Where the Wild Things Are one day. Mostly because the costume looks like a comfortable pajama set.

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