Accio Cookies!

December 22nd, 2010 by

‘Tis the season for stuffing your face, so you probably won’t be surprised to hear that every December, I host a cookie decorating party. I bake a bunch of snowmen, stockings, reindeer, etc. and invite friends to show off their artistic talent and holiday spirit.

This year, I went a little overboard and made about 60 cookies. Luckily, I had help decorating them because personally, I really enjoy doing detailed designs that take me a looooooong time. For example, check out this set of Santa, an elf, and the Grinch:

Somehow, I totally neglected to give Santa his beard… but other than that, aren’t they beautiful?

EXCEPT, wait for it… I present to you my true masterpieces this year:

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger!

I’m so proud of these creations, I can’t bring myself to eat them. So they’re just sitting in my apartment, waiting until… well, until they’re old enough to disapparate on their own, I suppose!

Happy holidays from Kidsmomo!

— Karen

Did you know that Harry’s left-handed? Karen discovered this fact when she had to figure out where to put Harry’s toothpick wand.

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