Prisoner of Dieppe by Hugh Brewster

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Prisoner of Dieppe_Hugh BrewsterSubmitted by caleb, Age 10 from OTHER

Rating: ★★★★★

The book is about two brothers who moved to canada for a better life then they decided to join the war to fight the Germans people the major themes in this book are violence against people, people dying and family the most important relationship is Allistar and Mackie.

The story took place in Canada

The author used some descriptive information and words to capture my attention

The main characters are believable because it had a note about one of them and the story is based on true events.

The main characters Allistar and mackie are very brave,tough and encouraging.

I`m very impressed that the author used descriptive words.

The book made me realise Im lucky that were not at war and I didn`t join the war cause if I did I wouldn`t exist anymore.

The book made me hope that were not at war again and that world war 3 didn`t happen.

The book moved me when Mackie died.

The book made me not want to join war.

The book made me wonder about my ancestors did they join the war?

The book made me thankful that war is over and that Isis can`t get to canada.

I found the book cool,sad and suffering at some points.

I Am Canada: Deadly Voyage by Hugh Brewster

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I Am Canada Deadly VoyageI Am Canada: Deadly Voyage : R.M.S. Titanic, Jamie Laidlaw, April 14, 1912 by Hugh Brewster

Submitted by Taha, Age 11 from OTHER

Rating: ★★★★☆

This book is about a big fancy boat called Titanic. A boy named Jamie who lives with his parent go to a boat called Titanic Jamie goes with his parents, dog and friend called Jack. They ride the titanic and his friend Jack and him talk about iceberg they never seen a iceberg so close, when the book continues they crash on this big iceberg they survived in the life boats and they went to shore and they 3 years and 2 weeks later his father died of poison gas in Belgium. The End, No one know after the sink of the Titanic that the captain was never found on land he was only that last moment on the life boat after of couple years no one ever found him in history. By the way he was wanted in lots of countries for millions dollars

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