The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson

December 24th, 2016 by

Mark of the Dragonfly_Jaleigh-JohnsonSubmitted by Olivia, Age 11 from West Virginia

Rating: ★★★★★

Truly a magical book. The detail in every page keeps you reading until you realize you’ve been reading for hours. I love fantasy so this book definitely caught my attention. The story of it all really takes you by the heart strings as it explains piper’s past. It’s pretty funny to imagine the parts of anna blabbering on and on at points in the book. And since throughout the book piper seems pretty bull-headed, pretty hot-headed too to be honest. I read over so many of her lines multiple times beause she had such a harsh way of saying things sometimes that i had to just imagine how she said it. It’s kind of a weird thing i do. Whenever some character yells or strongly uses some kind of emotion really harshly, i will stop right then and there and read over it over and over untill i think I’ve nailed how i think it should sound. I don’t know why i just always seem to do it. It really brings out the emotion and makes the book seem a bit more realistic when they do small parts like that. Now I’m not saying they should have put nearly half the book in outbursts with characters like that (Although it would be kind of funny to imagine) it’s those kinds of books that discuss serious matters like being an orphan with no parents to care for you. Or barely having any money and having to resort to nearly getting yourself hurt just to afford to eat and get money. Although the main characters are a bit underaged they definitely seem to act older than they really are. And that is why i rate this magical and incredible book 5 stars.

The Mark of the Dragonfly: Book Review

April 30th, 2014 by

I recently went on vacation and spent a gorgeous day at the beach… reading, of course! Here’s an excerpt from the book I was reading, The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson:


Which pretty much took up all of my attention. You can kind of see in the right corner of the photo (above my pasty white knees) a little bit of the beach, which actually looked like this:


But I was SO into this book that I barely looked at the beach that day! I couldn’t put it down because this book fulfilled plenty of fun beach read requirements, such as:

  • Not just one, but TWO strong heroines, Piper and Anna (no relation to Piper McLean and Annabeth Chase, but interesting co-wing-ca-dink!)
  • A fantastical but believable world that could be set in the future. Or maybe another planet?
  • Adventures involving trains, stowaways, kidnappings, fights, and flying (but not necessarily in a plane!)
  • A mysterious but beautiful tattoo
  • And of course, a little bit of romance 😉

Mark of the Dragonfly_Jaleigh-JohnsonThirteen-year-old orphaned Piper lives in Scrap Town Number 16 as a scrapper: she salvages artifacts left behind by meteor storms that spew dangerous toxic clouds. Piper has an uncanny, possibly supernatural knack at fixing mechanical objects.

One day after a meteor storm, she rescues a mysterious girl, Anna, who sports a dragonfly tattoo, meaning Anna is under the protection of the powerful king of the Dragonfly territories. Unfortunately, Anna can’t remember where she’s from and who her parents are — she can barely remember who she is.

Piper doesn’t want to get too involved with Anna’s complicated problems, but the two must board the 401 — an old but powerful steam train — to escape the menacing man who’s hunting Anna. And on the 401 is where they meet quite a few more interesting characters, including a teenage boy who has a secret of his own.

I don’t want to spill any more spoilers, but if any of this description has caught your eye, you should definitely check it out. If I had to label this book with ONE genre, it’d be action-adventure. But it’s also steampunk. And it’s about friendship… and there’s magic, and a splash of romance… all in a crazy setting that seems like the future and the past! So… something for everyone!

— Nancy

icon_nancyNancy was very pleased to find out this book has very little, in fact, nothing, to do with real dragonflies. Those things are creeeeeeeeeepy.

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