Once Upon A Marigold by Jean Ferris

September 10th, 2012 by

Submitted by Lena, Age 12 from Indiana

Rating: ★★★★★

When my cousin recommended this book at half price books she said I had to read it so I picked it up bought it and brought it home and started reading once I got home. I am so glad that I got it this book because this was the best book I have read in a while.

This was one of those books that I had to keep reading. The way Jean Ferris wrote this book was astonishing. Some parts of the book you wonder “How in the world did you get that idea?” in this book Jean Ferris did a great job describing what it would be like living with a troll when you don’t even know that what looks like a wonderful life on the other side of the river is actually a very busy with all the suitors that your mothers wants you to marry when the last one is her worst nightmare but has to marry unless the queens plan is spoiled.

If you love love fantasy,romance and,suspense you will want to read this one. After I finished reading I couldn’t wait to read more. This book will leave you hanging even on the very last page.

Kidsmomo Podcast #25: “Royal Flush”

May 18th, 2010 by

It’s good to be queen! At least, that’s how Karen felt while recording our latest podcast — because Nancy was sick in bed and refused to participate! Excuses, excuses… No matter; Karen still had plenty to say, all about books involving royalty:

    Download the MP3 (6.2 MB)

  • A rat that loves soup and a mouse that loves a (princess) pea — aka our mystery book revealed
  • Princess power! — aka our royalty book picks (Once Upon a Marigold and Dealing with Dragons)
  • A review from YOU (The Red Pyramid) from Douglas, age 9!
  • There’s a new sheriff in town — aka our dream rules if we ran the world…

Also, don’t forget: our new theme is war stories, in honor of Memorial Day. So send us a review of your favorite book related to war and check out these books about war.

— Karen (and Nancy in absentia)