Lawless: Book Review

March 26th, 2013 by

lawless-jeffrey-salaneFor years, I’ve been dying for whatever incredible magic could transport me to Hogwarts as a wizarding student. Well, now I’ve got a new destination in mind: the Lawless School, where young criminal masterminds learn the tricks of their trade.

Now, I’m not saying I’m aiming to become a thief. But I wouldn’t mind training in lock-picking, escaping from dangerous situations, and general subterfuge.

In Lawless by Jeffery Salane, this is exactly the life M Freeman falls into — or rather, she’s forced into it when her mom basically gives her no choice and she’s personally escorted out of the house by a “guardian” sent by the school.

Soon, it becomes clear that M’s been training for her life as a thief all along — all the home-schooling and the plans laid by her father before he died, they were all leading to Lawless.

So now that M’s there, what’s next? Apparently, there’s no such thing as a quiet life of crime. This book is full of heart-pounding action and mystery, popping on every page: sabotage by her classmates, almost getting kicked out of school, piecing together the mystery behind a secret society, hunting down and stealing masterpieces — and all the while, M is discovering long-buried secrets about her father’s past.

If you enjoy a good caper, this is the perfect book for you. Think Swindle + Chasing Vermeer, times 10!

Lawless comes out next week. Until then, are there any similar books we should all check out? I’m obviously a sucker for capers — leave a comment if you have any others to recommend!

— Karen

Karen’s only concern about the Lawless School is that it’s located somewhere near the equator — which means it’s hot and muggy. Danger at every turn? No problem. Warm weather? No, thanks!

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