Halloween = Candy and… Librarians?

October 24th, 2011 by

jack-o-lanternYou know what we love here at Kidsmomo? CANDY! But you know what we love even more? Librarians! Yes, we’re super book nerds, but c’mon, people — librarians are like knowledge ninjas: you tell them something you like, and they look into their zen-stealth minds and tell you a book you’ll enjoy. How do they do it?!

So today we’re combining two things we love: CANDY and librarians! Check out this trick-or-tastic guest post from our friend, Kelly Butcher, who runs her own kidlit site called The Lemme Library. (And if you stop by her site, you’ll see that we have our own Halloween-themed guest post over there!)

I love Halloween and I look forward to it every year! What’s not to love? Candy, costumes, tricks, scary stuff, haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns, witches… Did I mention candy?

I have loved Halloween since I was a little kid. Back in my day, we had flammable, plastic costumes that cars couldn’t see… and we couldn’t see the cars because the eye holes on our masks were so small! Your face would get all sweaty from being under that tight plastic mask all night. But the candy! What a bounty! Homemade popcorn balls, full-size candy bars, caramel apples — with the occasional penny or toothbrush thrown in (some things don’t change!).

As much as I love Halloween, I have discovered that librarians and Halloween don’t really go together as well as I had hoped. There is something about the personality of a librarian that doesn’t scream “HALLOWEEN!”

Once I became a librarian, people stopped inviting me to go to haunted houses with them. They stopped asking me what I thought of their Halloween costume choices. And worst of all, they stopped inviting me to their Halloween parties.

In an attempt to reclaim my status as Queen of Halloween, I started doing a little research. After a few years of undercover work, I have discovered three reasons people don’t want a librarian at their Halloween parties.

I have done this work to help fellow librarians so they can once again be invited to all of those fun Halloween parties that they have been missing out on. If you know any librarians, encourage them to consult this list before Halloween so they can attempt to modify their behavior in hopes of getting a party invite this year!

1. Librarians love order. Librarians love sorting. Librarians love candy corn. Put all three things together and there is bound to be trouble. Allow me to explain: Look at this picture of candy corn and tell me what you see.


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