3 Book Character Costumes for Halloween

October 31st, 2010 by

It’s October 31st, and I don’t have a Halloween costume. Uh oh. Luckily, I have some costume ideas inspired by some books I read and/or re-read this year…

Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series:

  • Hogwarts uniform with a blue and bronze Ravenclaw scarf and tie
  • Funky colorful sneakers
  • Radish earrings (make sure they’re fresh)
  • Wacky glasses for her Spectrespecs
  • Blond wig (if your hair isn’t already blond, which mine is not)
  • A wand

Pros: I get to act like Luna!
Cons: The costume is rather elaborate for something “last-minute,” and I always get pretty bummed that I can’t actually cast any real spells.

Kate Weatherall from the Mysterious Benedict Society series:

  • Striped red and white T-shirt
  • Jeans (make sure you can easily scale rafters in them)
  • Sensible sneakers
  • Hair tied in a ponytail
  • Red bucket attached to your belt
  • Optional: 3-year-old girl riding piggy back

Pros: A pretty straightforward outfit — it’s the confident attitude that will make you a true Kate.
Cons: Kate is pretty athletic, and I get winded going up one flight of stairs.

Madeline, from the Madeline picture book series:

  • Blue dress with large white collar
  • White gloves
  • Black Mary Janes
  • White socks
  • Short auburn wig
  • A giant yellow hat with a giant blue bow on it
  • Speak with a French accent!

Pros: Did I mention I get to speak with a French accent?
Cons: It might take some maneuvering to avoid hitting people with that giant hat.

Since I have about… five hours to get this ready, I’m probably going to go with the Kate Weatherall costume. Minus the 3-year-old (they’re hard to find last minute), but definitely with the red bucket. Anyone interested in being Reynie, Sticky, or Constance?

— Nancy
Nancy would also like to dress up as Max from Where the Wild Things Are one day. Mostly because the costume looks like a comfortable pajama set.

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