Adam Canfield of the Slash: Book Review

January 10th, 2016 by

adam-canfield-of-the-slashAre you on your school newspaper, or do you have friends who are? I worked on my school papers from middle school through college, so I was immediately absorbed by Adam Canfield of the Slash by Michael Winerip — about Adam and his co-editor, Jennifer, and their reporters for The Slash.

I recognized a lot of what they experienced: hanging out in the newspaper office, working late into the night and on weekends, hunting down contacts to get interviews for stories, in some cases trying to figure out how to approach difficult topics or challenging sources. But I’ll tell you — I never covered a story as explosive as the exposé at the heart of this book!

I don’t want to give away too much, because Adam and Jennifer unravel the mystery over time. But let’s just say their big story involves a principal who is up to no good — and also happens to be the person who approves or rejects all the articles the students want to print in The Slash.

There are other interesting stories too, like exposing the not-so-sweet underbelly of a smiling contest sponsored by local dentists and chasing down the truth about whether the city is planning to remove basketball hoops from the front of people’s houses. But the most intriguing part of the book is the behind-the-scenes drama involved in putting together The Slash each month.

There are two other Adam Canfield books (Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back! and Adam Canfield: The Last Reporter), and I’m looking forward to reading them! I think you’ll also enjoy the adventures of Adam, Jennifer, and their team of dedicated and determined reporters, even if you don’t have the student paper background that I do. I’d especially recommend Adam Canfield of the Slash for fans of Andrew Clements’ books (The Landry News, Frindle, etc.) and Walter Dean Myers’ Cruisers series.

Have you read any of the Adam Canfield books? Leave a comment and let me know — or share your own stories from working on your school or neighborhood newspaper!

— Karen

Karen’s favorite part of working on her middle school paper was writing a fictional story that was published in short chapters every issue. She doesn’t remember exactly what it was about, other than it took place in medieval times and involved a prince as a main character.

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