Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money: Book Review

June 26th, 2016 by

mr-chickees-funny-moneyWhenever there’s a big lottery jackpot up for grabs, I like to fantasize about what I might do with billions of dollars. I’d know I’d want to donate money to charity or set up a foundation to help people in need. But I’d also eat at a bunch of fancy restaurants and fly around the world visiting friends! What would you do if you were suddenly rich?

In Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money by Christopher Paul Curtis, Steven is faced with this question. But first, he has to figure out if he actually is rich. And the reason he isn’t sure is because he’s never heard of a quadrillion dollar bill. Yet that’s exactly what he seems to have in his possession, given to him by his friendly elderly neighbor, Mr. Chickee. It’s a bill with 15 zeros on it, along with the face of a famous singer. Could it be real? Steven is determined to find out.

Unfortunately for Steven, the U.S. government is also interested in the money. Do Steven, his younger friend Russell, and Russell’s gigantic dog stand a chance in outsmarting and outrunning the federal agents who want the bill back? Well, they’re certainly going to try!

Here’s something very important you should know about this book, especially if you’re already a fan of author Christopher Paul Curtis: This book is totally wacky and funny. It doesn’t have any of the seriousness of books like Bud, Not Buddy and The Watsons Go to Birmingham — 1963. The story here is just completely kooky and… well… weird! So you’ll have to suspend your disbelief at the situations that arise — not to mention at the whole premise in general! But if you can get over the craziness of what’s happening on the page, then you’ll enjoy the book. I recommend it for fans of The Qwikpick Papers: Poop Fountain! by Tom Angleberger and Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

And if you enjoy Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money, then you can check out the sequel, Mr. Chickee’s Messy Mission. In that book, Steven and his friends enter an alternate universe by jumping into a mural!

So, back to my original question: What would you do if you suddenly became fabulously wealthy? Leave a comment with your answer!

— Karen

The first restaurant that Karen would visit as a super rich person is called Masa. Dinner for one person costs about $600 there — so you can see why she hasn’t gone yet!

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