One Reader and Five Children and It

August 17th, 2009 by

Five Children and It by E. Nesbit

Five Children and It by E. Nesbit

Today, I have a complaint about the Internet: sometimes it’s just too awesome. (Since you’ve discovered Kidsmomo, I’m sure you agree. Har har.)

At any given time, I have approximately 1,268,934,570,934,743 books on my to-read list. Well, thanks a lot, World Wide Web, because now you’re distracting me from all of them! Why did you have to go and make the entire text of Five Children and It available for free online? Don’t you know I loved reading that book when I was a kid? Why do you torture me like this?!

Well, if I’m going to be tempted by this thing, then I’m sure as heck going to share my curse with you (and by “you,” I mean you the reader of this blog post; I’m not on speaking terms with the Internet any more). Everyone, just click here to get the full text of Five Children and It.

Not familiar with the book? I wouldn’t be surprised, since it’s pretty old. But then again, so am I, and I’m still completely breathtaking. HA!

But seriously, PLEASE don’t let my bad jokes turn you off from reading this book. It’s the first in E. Nesbit’s Psammead series, about five siblings who try to manipulate magic — usually with unexpected outcomes. It all starts when they meet a weird creature (the Psammead) that grants wishes. Hello, jackpot!

What follows are adventures involving sprouting wings and flying, defending a castle under siege, and keeping up with a baby who becomes a grown man. Throw in some stolen jewels, mistaken identities, and an 11-foot-tall boy, and you’ve got some very exhausted kids by the time the wishes wear off at the end of each day. And that’s just the first book in the series!

So check out Book 1: Five Children and It, and if you like it, definitely read Book 2: The Phoenix and the Carpet and Book 3: The Story of the Amulet. And then leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

(Btw, if you’ve read Edward Eager’s Half Magic, then the plot of Five Children and It may sound familiar. That’s because Five Children and It actually inspired Eager to write Half Magic and its sequels. And if I find out that those books are also available online, well, you’ll only be reading posts from Nancy for a while…)

— Karen

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