Pinky Pye: Book Review

June 5th, 2012 by

pinky-pye-eleanor-estes-book-reviewA few days ago, I posted about the upcoming #summerreading party on June 7th. I am super psyched to participate, and I’m also inspired to re-read my favorite summer book of all time: Pinky Pye by Eleanor Estes.

Actually, Pinky Pye was the very first book I ever recommended on Kidsmomo (back in our inaugural podcast), and you know what? It’s still AWESOME.

The book is about a family (the Pyes) who go on vacation to a sweet little seaside town and have a sweet little adventure. Yes, I said “sweet little” twice. And that’s because Pinky Pye is just exactly that. It’s not an epic story; it’s not dramatic or spine-tingling or thrilling — it’s quiet and quaint and pleasant… and perfect for a light summertime read!

When the Pyes arrive at their summer cottage, they quickly make a new friend: a little kitten abandoned on their doorstep. Immediately, Pinky shows herself to be an extremely clever cat — doing performances and even typing on Papa Pye’s typewriter! But she really proves herself when she single-handedly solves a mystery and saves the day. Obviously, I won’t give you any details about how she does that; you’ll just have to read the book yourself! You’ll be transported to a nice old-fashioned beach vacation, I promise.

So, now you know my all-time-favorite-number-one-in-my-heart summer book. Leave me a comment and tell me yours!

— Karen

Karen is usually more of a dog person than a cat person — and if you are too, you should check out Ginger Pye about the same family in Pinky Pye!

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Kidsmomo Podcast #1A: “Hot Fun in the Summertime”

August 17th, 2009 by

Summer camp. Flip flops. Ice cream. Popsicles. A dog named Turtle. A cat named Pinky. And a bull.

Those are just some of the topics we cover in our first ever Kidsmomo podcast!

So tune in to hear our picks for best summertime books, what we like best about the season, and why we were both really major dorks when we were kids. (As you can see, we totally grew out of it. Totally.)

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— Karen and Nancy