Kidsmomo Podcast #51: “Yo, Daddy-o!”

June 29th, 2011 by

From Crush the Turtle to Mr. Quimby, fathers come in lots of shapes and sizes.

And today, on the heels of Father’s Day, we honor them all in our latest podcast, all about books about dads!


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  • “Father-daughter make-over time!” — aka our mystery book (AND special guest) revealed!
  • Our Books About Dads picks (Amalee and Danny, the Champion of the World)
  • A dad-son book review from YOU (Peak)
  • Disney animal dads
  • We praise our awesomeness

Also, don’t forget: we’re kicking off our special month-long Summer Grab Bag theme! So send us a review of any of your favorite books, or any new books you’re reading this summer. And check out our Summer Grab Bag picks — all books that we’ve never recommended on Kidsmomo before!

— Karen and Nancy

Photo by flickr user Jim, the Photographer

Book Trailer: Ramona and Her Father

June 22nd, 2011 by

This book trailer for Ramona and Her Father was originally the Mystery Book Theater video for our Books About Dads theme. For more on Ramona and Her Father, check out our “Yo, Daddy-o!” podcast.

People say you have to suffer for fashion, but withstanding hair-pulling for hours? That’s just unnecessary… Unfortunately, that’s what happens to the heroine in Beverly Cleary’s Ramona and Her Father! After she wears a homemade crown of burs, it’s up to her dad to save the day.

PS – We’ve got a special guest actor for this video. Can you guess who it is? Here’s a hint: he recorded with us when he was in town for Father’s Day. Got an idea of his identity? Listen to our podcast to see if you’re right!