When Audrey Met Alice: Book Review

May 15th, 2016 by

when-audrey-met-aliceI love to read. That’s no secret. Kidsmomo would be a pretty useless website if I didn’t love books! But I also love watching TV, and my favorite show of all time is The West Wing, which is all about a fictional president and his family and his staff. Luckily for me, When Audrey Met Alice by Rebecca Behrens combines two of my great loves: kidlit and White House drama!

The book is about Audrey, who has the misfortune of being First Daughter. I say “misfortune” because Audrey is not happy about it at all. Sure, it’s cool to have a private bowling alley and movie theater in your house, which just happens to be the White House — but what good are those things if all your pals are back home in Minnesota and you’re friendless in Washington, DC? And your parents never have time to hang out with you, or even care about what’s going on in your life? And you have Secret Service agents following you around all the time, but even so, you aren’t allowed to go where you want or do things with your classmates? No wonder Audrey feels all alone!

But then Audrey finds the secret diary of Alice Roosevelt, who was Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter. If anyone can understand what Audrey is going through, it’s Alice, who wrote in her diary about being in the public eye, feeling pressure to act a certain way, and her relationship with her father the president.

Soon Audrey is taking cues from Alice — but not everything goes as well for Audrey as it did for Alice. How can Audrey be true to herself, follow Alice’s example, and be a good daughter to her mom the president (not to mention a model First Daughter for the country) all at the same time? It’s certainly a blast to read about how she tries!

I’d recommend this book for fans of The West Wing (obvi), but since most of you guys probably haven’t seen that show, I should also mention that you’re likely to enjoy this book if you’re a fan of Meg Cabot’s All-American Girl series or the Liberty Porter, First Daughter books.

In When Audrey Met Alice, Audrey takes a stand on a political issue that is very important to her. Leave a comment about an issue that matters a lot to you! If you were the president’s kid, what message would you want to share with the American public?

— Karen

Karen actually visited the White House a few times when she was younger. When she was in high school, she nabbed a bunch of napkins with the presidential seal on them to take home as souvenirs and give out to friends. Shhhh, don’t tell the Secret Service that she took more than her share!

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