Kidsmomo Podcast #59: Cannibals & Castles

November 29th, 2011 by

Nancy’s always said that her favorite food is fruit, but could she be harboring a secret love for the taste of… human flesh? GASP!

Well, we don’t get a definite answer in our latest podcast, but Karen definitely tries to get at the truth. Plus, we’ve got book reviews involving a magical building, a wacky grandma, and a Native American legend. Not to mention a visit from an adventurous author!

    Listen now:


    Download the MP3 (10.5 MB)

  • Author visit from C. Alexander London, author of the Accidental Adventures series
  • Karen’s book review: A Season of Gifts by Richard Peck
  • Nancy’s book review: Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George
  • A review from YOU: The Story of Pocahontas by Caryn Jenner
  • Cannibal in the room? Yikes!

And don’t forget: write in with a book review. We’ll feature a kid review in our next podcast!

— Karen and Nancy

Kidsmomo Podcast #7: “History Repeating”

October 5th, 2009 by

From the 21st century to the 1860s, then on to Depression-era Illinois and California during the Gold Rush — even all the way back to the Stone Age… In our latest podcast on historical fiction, we fire up the time machine in our minds! (As opposed to the time machine in the basement — never using that thing again after what happened last time. Let’s just say, Karen’s left eyebrow is still growing back funny.)

ALSO, we reveal the answer to our historical Mystery Book Theater! And a big congrats to these super sleuths who got it right:

  • Tessa, age 9, from Ohio — our big winner!
  • Peter, age 11, from Pennsylvania
  • Anna, age 11
  • Riley, age 9, from California
  • Tyler, age 14, from Ohio

(And also cheers to Greg, Maggi, and Sharnon — three adults who got into the act and sent in their guesses too!)

    Download the MP3 (11.2 MB)

  • From puke in the 1860s to parties in the 1920s (plus cavemen!)
  • Our historical fiction picks (By the Great Horn Spoon and A Long Way From Chicago + A Year Down Yonder)
  • A review from YOU (Between Two Seas)

And when you’re done listening, don’t forget: our next theme is mysteries! So watch our latest Mystery Book Theater video and track down these intriguing mystery books.)

AND… SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re extending our mystery theme for two weeks because we’ll be out of town next weekend. Nope, we’re not slacking; we’ll be in Washington, DC for the first ever Tween Girl Summit! [Insert joke here about how we both have the mentalities of tween girls even though we’re supposedly adults — like we haven’t heard that before!] If you’ll be at the summit too, leave a comment and let us know! And for everyone else, please try to go on with your lives without a new podcast or Mystery Book Theater next week. We know it will be hard, but be strong. We’ll be back in full force on 10/19 with a new theme, and we’ll still be blogging as usual along the way.

— Nancy and Karen

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