Schooled by Gordon Korman

October 21st, 2010 by

schooled-gordon-korman-book-reviewSubmitted by Jenna, Age 11 from Maine

Rating: ★★★★★

This book is a marvolous read! It’s about a boy named Cap Andersen who has no idea what life is like outside the community that encloses he and grandmother inside their own world, blocking off all other civilization. He doesn’t know what life is like out there until his grandmother breaks her hip and he is transported to live with a woman and her teenage daughter. While he stays with them, he has to go to school. Cap finds himself in a maze of confusion at his new school. With Zach Powers and his gang trying to make him the biggest fool in the school to his new found friend Hugh Winklemen, Cap is clueless about how to to deal with things and doesn’t quite comprehend what he’s in for. Now, Cap is not your average boy. He can be found tie dying t-shirts, doing tai chi in the hallway, and playing 60’s songs on a guitar. To him, all of these things are normal. But what he doesn’t know is what his future holds. Will Zach Power’s gang make him look like a fool? Or will he start to act normal? Gordon Korman will lead you through a maze of events until you finally reach the ending point and find out what happens to Cap.