Kidsmomo Podcast #3: “A Laugh and a Half”

September 7th, 2009 by

Cows falling from the sky. Foxes riding motorcycles. And monkeys, well, being monkeys — ’nuff said. Our latest podcast has them all!

So get ready to do some standing, because we’ve got book recommendations that will make you laugh your butt off. Zoo wee mama!*

Fantastic Mr. Twit and the Giant Chocolate Factory, aka “Roald Dahl Madness!” and Ha-ha-giggle-chortle-snort, aka “Our Favorite Funny Books”:

    Download the MP3 (11.2 MB)

And when you’re done listening, don’t forget: our next theme is books that take place at school! So watch our Mystery Book Theater video and check out these great school stories.)

— Nancy and Karen

*This will make sense once you listen to the podcast, we promise.