Story Thieves: Book Review

June 12th, 2016 by

story-thievesObviously, I love books. Kidsmomo would really be a horrible website if I didn’t enjoy reading! But you know what I sometimes like even better than reading a good story? Extending the experience afterwards by imagining myself as part of that story, an inhabitant of the book’s world.

For example, you guys have seen pictures from when Nancy and I attended LeakyCon (a Harry Potter fan conference), and you’re all aware that I dress as a Hufflepuff every Halloween, right? So I can totally relate to Owen, one of the main characters in Story Thieves by James Riley.

Owen is a mega-fan of the Kiel Gnomenfoot series, which just happens to be a hugely popular children’s sci-fi/fantasy series with seven books — not unlike a certain other series I could mention. Except Story Thieves takes place before Book 7 is published. So, as you can imagine, Owen is completely DYING to find out how the story ends.

Enter his classmate, Bethany. One day, Owen witnesses Bethany somehow climb out of a book in the library. It turns out she has the ability to travel in and out of books! Owen is really pumped to find this out, but Bethany isn’t doing it just for fun: Bethany’s dad is a fictional character who came into the real world for a while, but then disappeared back into a book against his will. Bethany has been searching for him in every book she can.

Bethany doesn’t want anyone else to know her secret, and as we established, Owen is DYING to visit the world of his favorite book series of all time. (I can relate!) So they make an agreement: Bethany will take Owen into a Kiel Gnomenfoot book for a super quick visit, and in return, Owen won’t reveal her secret. Well, I’m sure it won’t come as a shock to you that things DO NOT go as planned. Apparently, even fictional book characters have minds of their own! And that’s all I’ll say because there are quite a few twists in this book, and I don’t want to ruin them for you.

I recommend this book for fans of James Riley’s other series, Half Upon a Time — and for Harry Potter lovers, of course! I also think you’d like this book if you’re into Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories series. And if you do read Story Thieves and enjoy it, you can check out the sequel, The Stolen Chapters!

If you could visit any fictional world, where would you go? Leave a comment with your answer!

— Karen

Karen would go to Hogsmeade. You might have guessed she would say Hogwarts, but being a grown-up, she thinks she might be a little out of place at a boarding school. But a wizarding village? YESSSSS!

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