Spin-offs from Sweet Valley High

November 26th, 2009 by

Sweet Valley Twins #1: Best Friends

Sweet Valley Twins #1: Best Friends

Have you heard that Francine Pascal’s YA series Sweet Valley High will be made into a movie? I’m not sure how I feel about that. While I loved reading those books, they were a total guilty pleasure. Meaning, they were fun to read, but not exactly great literature.

Also, not that realistic. I mean, was I really supposed to believe that all 16-year-olds wear size 6, have flawless skin, drive sports cars, never have to go to class, and have dreamy, hunky boyfriends? Alright, I admit it — maybe I did believe all that. But trust me on this — when I was 16 and in high school… it wasn’t quite like that.

But as we say a lot on Kidsmomo, but anyway… even though the Sweet Valley High series is Young Adult, there are also some fun spin-off series you might be interested in — just like my other guilty pleasures (i.e. chocolate) I devoured these!

  • Sweet Valley Kids (The twins are 2nd-graders.)
  • Sweet Valley Twins (Now in 6th grade.)
  • The Unicorn Club (In 7th grade, and we get to know the twins’ friends more.)
  • Sweet Valley Junior High (Eighth grade.)
  • Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley Senior Year, and Sweet Valley University (Again, all YA!)

So, like chocolate, I will be indulging my guilty pleasure when the SVH movie comes out, but meanwhile… which spin-off series will you pick up first?

— Nancy