Happy Turkey Day!

November 25th, 2015 by

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for…

  • My friends and family, of course.
  • The delicious existence of baked goods.
  • More books coming out digitally so ‘death-by-book-avalanche’ is not so imminent in my future.
  • And the following Kidsmomo video based on Daniel Pinkwater’s The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, because it will always remind me how lucky we are that oversized chickens aren’t terrorizing our streets:

Meet Henrietta. She’s the 266-pound chicken that Arthur brings home when all the stores are sold out of turkey. Obviously, Arthur’s family can’t eat Henrietta for Thanksgiving dinner, so they decide to keep her as a pet. And that’s when the Hoboken Chicken Emergency begins…

Let us know in the comments — what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

— Nancy

icon_nancyHomer_droolNancy is currently imagining the delicious mountain of mashed potatoes that would accompany a chicken the size of Henrietta… yum… oh… uh… just… kidding.

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Thanksgiving Equals Pie (Books)

November 22nd, 2015 by

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we all know that that means…


But since I don’t eat turkey, the main Thanksgiving meal event for me is always dessert. And obviously, Thanksgiving dessert = PIE!

So today, I’m highlighting two books that honor that amazing sweet treat: Pie by Sarah Weeks and The Truth About Twinkie Pie by Kat Yeh. These stories aren’t about the Thanksgiving holiday, but they do focus on the way that food can bring us together and connect older and younger generations. After all, food isn’t just for eating; food is tradition, memory, and sharing.

We’ve already reviewed these two books on Kidsmomo, so I wanted to offer some new tasty tidbits from the authors:

Highlights from a Scholastic interview with Sarah Weeks about Pie:

If you had to describe your new book, PIE, in five words, what would they be?
Sarah Weeks: Heartfelt. Wholesome. Funny. Sweet. Delicious.

In PIE we learn a lot about the pie preferences of a number of the book’s characters. Did their personalities easily dictate their taste in pies? How many different kinds of pie did you bake before settling on the recipes you included in the book?
Sarah Weeks: I knew right from the start that Alice’s favorite pie would be peach. To me, nothing tastes more like summer than peach pie. I began collecting pie recipes from friends and family while I was still working on my first draft. As the recipes poured in, it was fun to try to match the pies to the characters in the book. I love to bake so I often make pies, but last summer (2010) I only baked pies that I was considering for the book.

Lardo the cat is not what most people would consider an “ideal” companion. Was he inspired by any pets you’ve known?
Sarah Weeks: Um, I know this will be an unpopular answer with many, but I’m not a cat lover. I’m a dog person. I grew to love Lardo in the course of writing PIE, but I wouldn’t really want to own him.

Warning: If you check out the rest of the interview, just know that there’s one spoiler about the book in Sarah Weeks’ answers!

And if you want to try your hand at making twinkie pie, here’s a step-by-step video with author Kat Yeh:


What’s your dessert plan for this Thanksgiving? Leave a comment and tell me your favorite kind of pie!

— Karen

Karen prefers cream pies over fruit pies, but obviously she’ll never turn down any kind of pie! If you have extra, let her know!

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