And the Winner Is… The Shadows (The Books of Elsewhere)!

February 20th, 2011 by

The ShadowsAs you might have seen from Karen’s earlier post this week, we’re finally allowed to reveal the winners of the Cybils categories that we judged! Judging, by the way, consisted of reading each finalist book carefully and then having a discussion about it — so basically, everyday life here at Kidsmomo!

And the winner for the Science Fiction & Fantasy book is… (drumroll please)… The Shadows by Jacqueline West!

Hm. For regular Kidsmomo readers and listeners, that title might sound kind of familiar… That’s because Karen actually recommended it for our Harry Potter Withdrawal theme a couple months back!

The Shadows is Volume 1 of The Books of Elsewhere series, which made me really happy when I got to the last chapter… because I didn’t want it to end! But let’s take a few steps back and introduce this book properly:

Shy, thoughtful, and imaginative 11-year-old Olive Dunwoody moves into a new town and a creaky, old house with her mathematician parents. (Olive, by the way, is not mathematician-like at all, which makes her feel a little out of place in her own family sometimes.) All around the house are paintings of different styles, sizes, and shapes, and she discovers that they are stuck to the walls, no matter how hard she pries. She also starts prying into the mysterious history of the house, and along the way makes a few friends… if you count sneaky talking cats and a two-dimensional boy stuck in a painting as friends.

Just to clarify — the talking cats speak English, not just in meows, like these guys:

I really loved this book — so much, in fact, that I might re-read it again after writing this blog entry. And then maybe I’ll start a letter-writing campaign to Jacqueline West to get crackin’ on Volume 2!

— Nancy

Nancy used to talk to her sister’s cats, Duck and Goose, a lot. Since they never spoke back, she figured they must be fluent only in Meow or Portuguese, or something! That’s the most logical answer, obviously.

Meet Nancy

Kidsmomo Podcast #38: “The Boy Who Lived”

December 7th, 2010 by

With the new Deathly Hallows movie finally in theaters, there’s been tons of recent Harry Potter mania around the world. But sadly, no new HP books. [insert wail of despair here]

Luckily, there are other options for devoted Harry fans — and we’ve got them covered in our latest podcast, all about Harry Potter withdrawal. You’ll meet Olive, Percy, Charlie, Sophie, and Josh, plus hear why we’re wild about Harry!

    Download the MP3 (11 MB) 

  • Not just another boy with a wand — aka our mystery book series revealed
  • More magical missions — aka our picks, plus a review from YOU (The Shadows, Percy Jackson, and The Alchemist)
  • Our overwhelming, irresistible, undeniable, extreme, immense, and perhaps excessive love for Harry Potter

Also, don’t forget: next up, we’re celebrating the countdown to 2011 with a special month-long theme dedicated to new beginnings! So check out our New Beginnings booklist. Plus, keep an eye out for a couple KidsmomoMos before the year is done: our review of the new Narnia movie and an interview with the creators of the Joey Fly, Private eye graphic novels!

— Karen and Nancy

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