The Unfinished Angel: Book Review

August 25th, 2011 by

the-unfinished-angel-sharon-creech-book-reviewAs you know from my posts about Touch Blue and A Little House Christmas, I often choose books based on their settings โ€” and my deep longing to visit those settings… Welcome Sharon Creech’s The Unfinished Angel to the club!

The book takes place in the Swiss mountains, in the quaint little town of Casa Rosa, which seems almost untouched by time. And speaking of time, the angel of the story has been watching over the town’s residents for centuries… and it’s been kind of boring!

But all that changes with the arrival of two Americans: Mr. Pomodoro and his daughter, Zola. They’re going to build a boarding school in Casa Rosa โ€” and they’re not afraid to shake things up. Especially Zola, who wears multiple layers of dresses at a time, ties colorful ribbons in her hair, and talks with the angel!

But this story isn’t all sweetness and light. There’s also the issue of a group of orphaned children who sleep in an abandoned barn and steal what they can to get by. Can the angel help them? Zola sure insists on it!

If you’ve read The Unfinished Angel, leave a comment with your review! Or tell me what book settings you’d like to visit!

โ€” Karen

Karen associates Switzerland with chocolate and cheese. Also army watches and clocks. But those things aren’t quite as exciting as chocolate and cheese. At least, that’s what Karen thinks.

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