LeakyCon Night 3: Wizard Rock!

July 16th, 2011 by

These days, it’s not unusual to see cell phones waving in the air when you go to a rock concert. But last night at LeakyCon’s wizard rock concert, we all raised our wands instead!


Seven bands took to the stage to perform songs based on the Harry Potter books, and they were all — as Ron would say — bloody brilliant. (Also, we just now realized that there were SEVEN bands last night. Coincidence?)

The Parselmouths kicked off the show by showering the crowd with party hats and balloons:



Next, Hank Green performed ditties about his experience as a super fan, including a new tune that he said he basically wrote just for LeakyCon! That certainly got people’s hands in the air, in addition to their wands:


With the huge video screen behind the stage, it looks like there were hands EVERYWHERE -- but in an awesome way, not in a gross inferi sort of way.


Hank and his brother (author John Green) have a big following of fans called "Nerdfighters." Here, they show off their special hand sign.

But enough about hands. We’re not obsessed or anything.

Next up were Gred and Forge, and as you can see in these photos, they busted out onto the stage in a display of total ROCK. It wasn’t long before the crowd showed their love:

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