Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger

January 6th, 2013 by

Submitted by Mary Kate, Age 11 from New York

Rating: ★★★½☆

This is a book is in the genre that my librarian calls the nonsese genere. It’s a good book but it doesn’t make any sence. Casper buys a fake mustache and a suit and robs tons of banks and Lenny Flem jr. called the police and he met Jodi Rodeo and then the police were trying to catch Jodi Rodeo and Lenny Flem jr.

Book Reviews — In Verse!

April 7th, 2012 by

It’s April, and you know what that means… Well, yes, it’s probably going to rain a lot. But I was actually referring to National Poetry Month!

I know not everyone is into poetry, and I understand. Some poetry is crazy difficult to understand, and some poetry is very dull. Other poetry, well, it’s just plain bad — for example, the poetry I wrote when I was a teenager! But poetry can be fun, especially when you feel free to get silly with it. Which I am about to do!

Last year, I had such a blast writing booktalk poetry that I decided to do it again. So prepare yourself to be wowed by my amazing skillz!

Obviously, I have to start with a limerick:

dear-dumb-diary-jim-bentonDear Dumb Diary series by Jim Benton

There once was a girl named Jamie.
And I know she’d totally slay me,
But I read her secret notes;
There’s a zillion funny quotes!
C’mon, can you really blame me?

Then I thought it would be fitting to write a haiku for this book, which is about a doll that the Japanese government gives to America as a token of friendship:

friendship-doll-kirby-larsonThe Friendship Doll by Kirby Larson

If you’re a girl who
Likes historical fiction,
This book is for you.

Not bad, eh? Well, I saved the best for last! Here is my ode to a little green guy who holds my heart:

strange-case-origami-yodaThe Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger

Meet Origami Yoda.
He’ll give you some advice.
But can you really trust him?
I suggest that you think twice.

Is it truly Yoda’s wisdom,
Or could it be his maker, Dwight?
Some suggestions work out great;
Others don’t seem right.

Tommy really needs to know,
‘Cuz he asked about romance.
Is this just a joke by Dwight,
Or should he take a chance?

If you wanna know what happens,
Then you gotta read the book.
And there’s also a fun sequel
That’s totally worth a look.

I also heard that soon,
There’s gonna be a Book 3.
You know I’m gonna get it,
‘Cuz it’s about… a wookiee!

Well, I hope these poetic book reviews have inspired you — to write your own, read the books, or hopefully both! If you decide to give it a go, please share the results in the comments. I would love to see what you create!

— Karen

Karen recently re-read some of the poetry she wrote back in high school. Wow, it was terrible. Like, stinky to high heaven. You will not ever be seeing any of it on Kidsmomo.

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Horton Halfpott: Book Review

August 2nd, 2011 by

horton-halfpott-book-reviewThere are actually three titles for this hilarious book by Tom Angleberger — its full name is: Horton Halfpott, or The Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor, or The Loosening of M’Lady Luggertuck’s Corset.

So that gives you an idea of the kind of wacky adventures that await you in this story. And you won’t be disappointed!

You’ll meet poor, unfortunate Horton, a good-hearted kitchen boy who becomes the target of a nefarious plot. You’ll also meet Luther, the foul son of M’Lady and Sir Luggertuck. Then there’s Portnoy St. Pomfrey, a famous detective brought in to solve a rash of thefts at the manor. And don’t forget the snooping stableboys: Bump, Blight, and Blemish! Plus pirates. Yes, pirates.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, then you should also know that Horton Halfpott is written by the same author as the totally awesome book The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda. (Although if you weren’t interested when I mentioned the pirates, well, I think there may be no hope for you anyway…)

So loosen your corset and settle in for a good read with this book! And if you’ve already read it, leave a comment with YOUR review!

— Karen

For maybe the first time ever, Karen was not appetized by the food descriptions in a book. Well, would you want to eat Mrs. Neversly’s Pickle Eclairs? Didn’t think so…

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Origami Yoda: Love This Book, You Will!

February 17th, 2011 by

A while back, Nancy and I mentioned that we’re judges for the Cybils, which are awards for children’s books, run by adults just as obsessed with kidlit as we are. Well, this week we announced the results, and now I can finally tell you about the winner in my category: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger!

It’s been very hard to keep my mouth shut and not tell everyone in the world about this book, because it is AWESOME! Seriously. Read it, you should. Thank me, you will.

The Origami Yoda in question is a paper finger puppet. When Dwight shows up to school wearing the little guy and dispensing wisdom in a squeaky voice, everyone just assumes it’s a joke because, well, Dwight’s weird and not particularly bright. But then it turns out that Origami Yoda’s advice actually works… at least sometimes. So Tommy decides to investigate; he asks everyone to write up their experiences with Origami Yoda, and he invites his nonbeliever friend, Harvey, to make scientific counterarguments. Tommy puts it all together in a case file and tries to figure out the truth. Why? Well, everybody at school is pretty curious, but Tommy’s got his own motivation: He got some advice from Origami Yoda about a girl he really, really likes…

I was kind of a horrible judge when it came to this book because, well, there’s nothing I disliked about it! When it came time to write my thoughts, I was just like, “Uh, it’s perfect?” The book is funny, but not in a phoney over-the-top wacky way. It’s sweet, but not in a gag-me cutesy way. And it’s even got hilarious little doodle illustrations in the margins! Like I said — perfect!

So what are you waiting for? Go get this book! There is no try!

— Karen

Karen still hasn’t seen Star Wars Episodes I-III and isn’t sure she ever will. Not that she qualifies as a hardcore fan of the original films, but still. Draw the line, she must.

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