True (. . . Sort Of) by Katherine Hannigan

December 24th, 2015 by

True Katherine HanniganSubmitted by Alana, Age 9 from Connecticut

Rating: ★★★★★

The book is about A girl named Delaware Pattison. She gets into A LOT of trouble. But then she finds a new friend. Her friend’s name is Ferris Boyd. Later on in the book, Delaware is turning good. She has agreed to be good, and every month of being good, she gets a day alone with her mom or dad. But near the end of the book, her friend is very sad and hurt from her father. Her father is rude, vicious, and unaware that he might get arrested for abusing his child, but Ferris’ mother is nowhere to be found. At the end of the book, Ferris is away from HIM(her father). And is being watched by a police officer. Boyd is still in school and still friends with Delly(Delaware), sometimes, before Delly knew HE was being vicious with Ferris, they used to hang out a dellyferrbia, and their hideawaysis. A dellyferrbia is named after Delly, Ferris and RB, Dellys’ younger brother. Their hideawaysis is where they hang out in secret. But they don’t ever go to their hideawaysis anymore.