Book Titles with a Letter Missing – DIY!

August 7th, 2011 by

There’s a trend on the Internet right now: books with a letter missing.

It’s simple — just remove one letter from a book title and interpret what that alternative book might be. With just one letter gone, somber classics become modern comedies, and light-hearted reads will undoubtedly make you weep. Check out a few of the best ones I found floating around the Internet:

(Highlight to see the original title of the book – Like this secret but very unexciting message here. Oh, and DIY means “Do It Yourself”.)

Moby DIck: What happened to that dead whale after the corpse was left out in the sun.

A Wrinkle in Time: Getting older sucks!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s STone: Boy wizard faces off against snarky thinker.

Little WOmen: A black kitten crosses your path.

Here are some of Karen’s creations:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Harry discovers a bunch of deodorant in the basement of Hogwarts.

Pretty Little Liars: Actually, still pretty much the same series.

Maniac Magee: A crazy magician orphan in search of a home.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A math teacher tries a little too hard to make algebra fun.

And mine:

Moon over Manifest: Cows protest over the anti-bovine regulation on plane passengers.

The Phantom Tollbooth: a mysterious cloaked man demands boots as people pass him. He just can’t get enough boots!

Because of WInn-Dixie: The goings-about of the many residents of a local inn in Dixie.

The Lightning Thief: A world-class burglar has been prowling around town, but he’s only interested in one thing — incandescent light bulbs!

How about you? Leave a revised title of your favorite books in the comments!

Nancy would really like to read Moo Over Manifest. Clare Vanderpool, get on that! There’s already a cover designed…

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Less Interesting Books

June 2nd, 2011 by

Recently, lots of folks on the Interwebs have been dreaming up hilarious alternative titles for favorite books — turning them from beloved reads into “less interesting books.”

Here are some of the LOL-worthy twisted titles they came up with:

  • The Penderwicks at the Grocery Store
  • Harry Potter and the Order of Takeout
  • To Startle a Mockingbird
  • Are You There Todd? It’s Me, Margaret
  • A Series of Mediocre Events
  • The Iron, the Itch, and the Ear Lobe
  • Breaking Wind in the Willows
  • Horton Didn’t Hear Much of Anything
  • There’s Waldo
  • The Lord of the Ringtones

Of course, Nancy and Karen had to get in on the action too! So here are some of our less interesting book inventions:

  • Charlie and the Chalk Factory
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Water
  • Esperanza Sleeping
  • The After-school Detention of Hugo Cabret
  • The Salt Shaker
  • Where the Sidewalk Doesn’t End or Begin But Just Keeps Going
  • One Dull Summer
  • Danny the Third-Runner-Up of the World
  • Catching Up Slowly to Vermeer

And now it’s YOUR TURN! What less interesting book titles can you come up with? Leave a comment with your ideas!

PS – Someone also came up with The Velveeta Rabbit, which we absolutely love. Don’t know about you, but we actually think that would be a VERY interesting book! A bunny made out of processed cheese?! Come on! That’s a book that demands to be read!

— Karen and Nancy