Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney

November 26th, 2017 by

Wimpy Kid Series 1-9Submitted by Raven, Age 12 from New York

Rating: ★★★★★

i love this book series . its about an average middle school boy and his family. this book is awesome .

Double Down (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #11) by Jeff Kinney

May 15th, 2017 by

Submitted by Harshil, Age 9 from Connecticut

Rating: ★★★★★

It was really weird. That is because in the end when Greg was making the movie

Alternate Universe Plots: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

November 1st, 2015 by

WimpyKid10_altJeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School is available on November 3rd — Are you excited? Do you know what the book is about? Here’s the official description:

Life was better in the old days. Or was it? That’s the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn’t cut out for an old-fashioned world. With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive? Or is going “old school” just too hard for a kid like Greg?

But what if that’s not actually what the book is about? Today, I present to you: Alternate Universe Plots That Are Reasonably Believable Based Entirely On Book Titles:

WimpyKid1_Alt Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Diaries are mysterious objects. They hold secrets. For generations, this diary has passed through the hands of multiple children, from wimpy kid to wimpy kid, magically guiding each kid on how to be brave.




WimpyKid2_altRodrick Rules
King Rodrick thinks he’s the greatest king of the ages, but his people think otherwise. His rule must be obeyed, but his rules are, well, quite stupid. Why is it a law in Rodrickland that everyone has to cluck like a chicken every time they fart? Why is it illegal to wear the color purple? Why aren’t people allowed to wear helmets when they rollerblade? The people of Rodrickland will not stand for it!


WimpyKid3_alt The Last Straw
A dramatic two-hour play where two sisters sit at a staged diner table. They both have milkshakes. One is strawberry, the other Oreo blend. There are no spoons — no utensils at all. There is only one straw left. The last straw.




WimpyKid4_alt Dog Days
An action-packed adventure where 11-year-old Justin wakes up every Monday and Thursday to find himself inhabiting the body of his neighbor’s small dog, Snuffles. Snuffles is a white Maltese Yorkie puppy. One would think that the days of a house pet would be pretty low-key, but they’re not.



WimpyKid5_altThe Ugly Truth
A modern twist and mash-up on the classic tale of The Ugly Duckling and Pinocchio! In poem form.





WimpyKid6_alt Cabin Fever
It began as a fun weekend in a cabin by the lake… but then everyone got sick because they didn’t properly wash their hands after sneezing. A chilling tale on the importance of personal hygiene.




WimpyKid7_alt The Third Wheel
The epic tale of Mr. Wheelie McWheels, determined to bridge the gap between bicycles and cars. He knows he can make the tricycle all-ages!




WimpyKid8_altHard Luck
Best friends Veronica and Wallace love cereal — which makes them the perfect candidates to save L.C. Leprechaun, the now-crazed mascot of Lucky Charms. When gazing into the leftover milk in a cereal bowl, Veronica and Wallace are transported into a magical dimension where mascots are real. With the help of Tony the Tiger, can they help L.C. find redemption?


WimpyKid9_altThe Long Haul
Twin brothers Jake and Charlie are on a mission. The distance between their mom’s car and the front door is vast… but they are determined to carry 16 grocery bags and an economy-size package of 24 toilet paper rolls to the pantry in one trip. The eggs will not break. They cannot break!



Old School
Leave a comment with your Alternate Universe Plot That Is Reasonably Believable Based Entirely On The Book Title!

— Nancy

icon_nancyNancy most wants to read the alternate version of The Long Haul. She wants to know the secret to the single trip!

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney

September 29th, 2015 by

Wimpy Kid Series 1-9Submitted by Bowen, Age 11 from New York

Rating: ★★★★★

Theses books are awesome. I read every book except for the new one, Old School. These books are about a normal kid named Greg, with a “diary”.

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