March Your Eyes Over These Books

March 15th, 2012 by

I don’t really have a favorite month, but I like March. It’s a solid month with a strong name… Soldiers march, ants march, protesters march… and so did women, when they were fighting for equality! That’s why MARCH is the perfect month to honor Women’s History Month!

And what better way to celebrate than by reading some of these awesome Kick-Butt Girl Power books? My personal fave is The Witch of Blackbird Pond, which (haha, which/witch!) Kidsmomo power user Haha Me liked too.

And if you’re up for some laughs, check out Karen’s “interpretation” of ogre-speak from Ella Enchanted (…not that my ogre-like drawing skills are anything to brag about):

So maybe we’re not so great at speaking ogre, but we can certainly blab on and on about books! Check out our “You Go, Girl!” podcast (during which, sadly, “You Go, Girl!” was never actually cheesily said out loud):


Overwhelmed by too much Karen and Nancy? Well, check out these girl-power books picks from Kidsmomo visitors just like you:

So what are you waiting for? March on over to the bookstore, the library, or right over to your bookshelf, and get going!

— Nancy

Sometimes when Nancy feels frightened, she thinks of how Karana (the main character in The Island of Blue Dolphins) survived all by herself on an island for years… and stops being frightened.