A Good Book for Today (Or Even YESTERDAY)

February 6th, 2010 by

Yesterday's Doll by Cora Taylor

Erm... anyone else think that cat is gigantic?

So, I know our Time Travel theme ended earlier this week, but I hope it’s not too late to tell you guys about one of my favorite books, Yesterday’s Doll by Cora Taylor.

(Once Karen shares with me her secret of how to travel through time, I’ll make sure to mention it in the podcast. For now, this blog entry will have to do.)

In Yesterday’s Doll, while main character, Meg* recovers from an illness, she’s given an old-fashioned doll that’s been in her family for generations. And whenever she falls asleep holding the doll, she dreams that she’s Morag, a girl traveling across the Canadian prairie in a covered wagon… decades ago! Slowly, Meg/Morag discovers why she’s being pulled to the past by this mysterious doll.

By the way — unfortunately, this book’s publisher is not printing new copies any more, so it might be kind of hard to find (I’d lend you a my copy, but… I like it.) So look for it in libraries or ask your parents to track it down… it’s a must-read!

— Nancy

* Um, do you get a Time Travel Card once you’re named Meg or something? WHY WAS I NAMED NANCY? … WHY?!