Book Review: Dragons in a Bag by Zetta Elliott

August 2nd, 2022 by

Do you have a favorite baby-sitter? What makes that person so great? Is it their personality, or the fun things you do together, or the fact that they’ve known you and your family a long time? Well, imagine that instead of your favorite baby-sitter, one day you’re dropped off with a total stranger — not a stranger to your family, of course, but someone you personally have never met before. In fact, you’ve never even heard of her. And guess what — she has no interest in spending time with you either. What then? Welcome to the world of Jaxon in Dragons in a Bag by Zetta Elliott.

But things aren’t all terrible for Jaxon. Yes, he has to spend all day with a neighbor who is named “Ma” but doesn’t act motherly towards Jaxon at all. But then a package arrives, and Jaxon is delighted to discover it contains dragons!

Before long, Jaxon and Ma are off on a magical adventure that involves time travel, another kind of unexpected reptile, a few new friends for Jaxon, and even a potential new enemy.

I promise this book is a rollicking good time — full of fantasy, action, and fun. I honestly picked up this book without knowing anything about it because I had forgotten my other book and I needed something to read on the subway. Let me tell you — that particular subway ride flew by as I immediately got caught up in Jaxon’s amazing day.

Have you read the book (or its sequels, The Dragon Thief and The Witch’s Apprentice)? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Or tell me: What kind of magical creature would you be most excited to care for? Dragon? Unicorn? Griffin? Leave a comment with your answer!

— Karen

Karen’s New York City apartment probably wouldn’t be big enough to house a large magical animal, so she’d choose to care for a little pixie. Hopefully it wouldn’t produce too much pixie dust that would require constant vacuuming!

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